Eastern Shadows (Alex Thorne Book One)

Begin your adventures in international action espionage with Book One of the Alex Thorne series. In Eastern Shadows, former British intelligence agent-turned-freelancer Alexandria Thorne is approached by her former government employers to rescue an arms dealer captured by secessionist rebels in eastern Belarus.  Alex must dive headlong into the middle of an east European civil war with a motley team of mercenaries she is unsure that she can trust.

In the middle of war-torn Belarus, Alex will not only have to deal with the flying bullets of Russian-backed rebel forces, but also a ghost from her past that will lead her down a shocking path to explore a dark chapter in her family's history.

Eastern Shadows can be downloaded for free on Amazon by following this link.

Patriot Traitors (Alex Thorne Book Two)

In the second instalment of the adventures of Alexandria Thorne, we find our heroine flying to North Carolina to assist the CIA with a crisis in the continental United States. A spate of terrorist attacks by right-wing militia groups is pushing Washington to the political brink, and cigar-chomping CIA operative Donovan suspects that a private military company called Dogwood is at the heart of the matter. Unable to trust his own operatives, he sends Alex undercover to reveal the truth about Dogwood and its fatherly but fanatical owner Alfred King, before all hell breaks loose across the United States.

Patriot Traitors can be purchased from Amazon by following this link. Alternatively, it can be downloaded FOR FREE by signing up to the C.J. Somersby. Simply click this link and follow the instructions to get your free second instalment of Alex Thorne.

Castle Law (Alex Thorne Book Three)

In the third instalment of the Alex Thorne series, danger comes looking for our heroine in the heart of England when a CIA team unexpectedly arrives at the door of her country mansion. In their custody is a defecting spy from shadowy Russian organization SMERZ, and Alex is ordered to keep him safe until the morning. But someone seems very determined to make sure they don't survive the night, and Alex soon realizes that nobody is who they seem..

You can buy Castle Law from Amazon by following this link.